Testimonies from Love In Action Outreach - 02/25/2014


Friday, February 28, 2014

“Following Jesus and Loving People”


Hello Everyone,


We wanted to share some testimonies from our night out on Tuesday. It has been the most incredible yet =) Thank you for the prayers and also for the donations. Almost everything we took was given away!! I think we are left with a couple of bars of soap =)


Please bear with the long email...here are testimonies of some people we met:


-Joe (found him sitting on bench). He is an older man (late sixties maybe), We've seen him before. He's normally slightly hunched over but will turn his head to the side to look up at you when you talk to him. We learned he helps run newsstands throughout the city (primarily at 18th and Market). He asked for prayer not to lose his faith & for release from fear and uncertainty about the future. He told us he "wears" uncertainty like clothing! 


-Lawrence (on bench next to Joe)


-Antoine- young man, asked for prayer for family unity--some of his family members support him and others do not


-Tony - pain in his knees and back, addiction to alcoholism. Was open to prayer, we got to pray with him a few times. Talked a lot about feeling betrayed by those closest to him. 


-Dan & his brother




-Freddie-One word of knowledge we got before starting to go out that night was that we would meet someone with pain in their left knee. While ministering to people we would ask if they had pain....Freddie had met one of our team members just a few days before. When he saw her that evening...he came over to talk to her. It turns out he had pain in his left knee. He had had an accident 12 years ago. He talked about being in pain and that he had done a lot of walking that day; so we asked him if we could pray for him. He agreed.  After praying once...he tested his leg out but said the pain was still there. We prayed a second time....when we were finished...he had tears in his eyes. He said he felt tingles over his body. He tried his leg out again...and said it was much better!  He began to share his faith with us and that he had been to church that day...he was such a blessing. 


-Donald - Jewish attorney (not homeless!) We saw him pacing as he waited for his train, but he looked like he had back trouble. We approached him and struck a conversation...he shared that he feels like his relationship with his family is based solely on money/ seemed to use humor to mask his pain,  turns out he did have back problems. He wondered if he was really loved by those near him... When we asked to pray for him, surprisingly he agreed. As we began to pray - his back spasmed! He had to rush off after that to catch his train, we got to share with him that he is highly valued by God and believe a seed was planted.


-Gabriel- from Burma, 28 years old, kept saying "God is with me" but didn't want to be prayed for, spends time at the library, is trying to save enough money to get back home to Burma. Seemed closed when he first came over but gradually opened up some.


-Angel - met him right after Gabriel (interesting!). He had rheumatoid arthritis and had pain all over his body. He had been praying earlier that day...his socks were wet and his ankles were swollen. He was planning to sleep outside that night but knew it was going to be very cold...He saw us walk by and turn a corner. He decided to get up from where he was and come see what was going on. He said he walked around the corner with his cane & saw us praying for people, he said he felt the the pain leave his body (!!)  threw his cane to the side and began walking around, he showed great faith. He also said he has deteriorating eyesight but when he reads the Bible he can see perfectly! We got to share several tracts with him which he was happy about, he said he had been asking God for something to read. He got new socks (2 pairs!!), a heavy blanket and we had one last pair of mens shoes which fit him perfectly...and which he had managed to put on himself (something he said he shouldn't have been able to do...let alone without his cane!)...he was beaming with excitement and kept strutting around in his new shoes, walking completely unassisted...YAY Jesus!!


-Dwayne- we found him sitting on a sleeping bag, offered him some food and some supplies. When we asked him if he needed prayer for anything...he said for greater faith....and also for his feet which bleed from time to time.  We prayed with him and immediately afterwards he said he felt tingling and heat in his feet!!!


Helene - while we were praying for Dwayne, one of us got a word of knowledge about pain in the lower back. We asked Dwayne if he had pain there...he said no...it turns out one person on our team was experiencing lower back pain. We got to pray with her and she felt heat come into her lower back and the pain lift. God is so good!!!!!!!!!!!


Bill - While the last 4 testimonies above were happening...someone we had prayed for before (Bill) came over and was watching what was happening. We had prayed for him the last time we were out...he had been using a cane and felt 65% better when we had prayed then. It turns out he no longer uses a cane and has no pain anymore (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) He was amazed by what he was seeing happening....we encouraged him that he too could pray for others to be healed as he was healed if he has faith....initially he said he had little faith and doubted he could but we got to encourage him some more..and he walked away believing something positive would work out for him and that his life would improve 


Lady and a guy - was bitter about her sister who stole her identity, didn't want prayer and wasn't ready to forgive. They walked away...the guy was quiet and didn't say much...but seemed to agree with her...we didn't get their names...=(


-Green - We saw him the last time we were out. We got to pray for him for his situation to improve..


-Bruce- Met him during an outreach in January by the Free Library steps..he had pain his feet because he was wearing shoes that were the wrong size. He told us this time..that after that day when we'd prayed with him...about 2 days later someone gave him a pair of shoes that fit!!!!!!! Interestingly....he was the one who recognised us...and reminded us that we had prayed for him and told us the testimony..!!!!!! 


Please continue to pray for these people and the many others we met that the seeds planted will bear fruit..!


With love, 

Love in Action Team


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