Love in Action Outreach #1 - Testimonies and a word of thanks!


Friday, January 24, 2014

“Following Jesus and Loving People”


Hello Everyone,


TGIF =) We just wanted to say thank you to those who came out this past Monday to minister to the homeless! We're thankful we were able to go out before this snow storm came through. We had several come; we had a number of children help stuff supply bags and even help with passing them out to the homeless. It was great! Thank you also to everyone who came to help make the food, and also those who braved the cold to distribute it =)

Here are some awesome testimonies from our time out on Monday of lives being touched that we thought to share.


Volunteers got to pray with many individuals as food and supplies were distributed. The following are 3 encounters among many that occurred:


1/ One guy called Tim had pain in both knees and 50% of the pain left after we prayed (one knee) then almost all of it the second time then the pain left completely after we prayed the third time! Yay! Jesus!!! 


2/ Another homeless gentleman, Al, was walking by with a cane and I offered him a bag and asked him about the cane and what happened. He explained he had an accident with a toolbox and i prayed with him - he was healed instantly and could not believe what had just happened - to the glory of God. he kept saying "I don't understand this" and he was carrying his cane in his hand ~ I watched walk away, not limping anymore and going down the steps into the subway. Praise God! 


3/ Another lady who was walking by when I was praying with these two guys asked for prayer to heal her broken heart - I prayed with her and shared the love of God and she was sobbing - I blessed her and gave her a hug and told her I felt like the Lord would deliver her and use her testimony to heal many and bring others into the kingdom. 


It is exciting to see God at work in peoples lives and it is well worth going out in the cold for =)

More news and dates on future outreaches will follow soon.


Blessings to you all and many thanks.

Roland & Thecla



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