Otis A. Fortenberry shared this announcement with the congregations of Highway Tabernacle and Resurrection Life Church today.

    Today, I bring you an assurance from the Harrises that they are committed to our core value of living in the neighborhood where one ministers, and that, as they have told me on many occasions, they hold a special place in their heart for the city of Philadelphia. However, their family situation is such that they may not be able to move to Philadelphia until after what would be the first two years of their ministry here, were they to come.
    After listening to the concerns of some members, and following much discussion and prayer, the deacons agreed that it would not be possible for a pastor to minister effectively at our churches and in our neighborhoods while living, even temporarily, outside of the city.

    When I contacted Pastor Harris, he informed me that he and his family were pursuing a solution which would allow them to move into Philadelphia immediately. They should have an answer tomorrow or Tuesday. At this point, it is possible that they will not be able to work things out. In that case, the deacons would ask them to withdraw their candidacy.

    We, your deacons, have tremendous respect for the Harrises’ ministry and believe that they have much to offer us as pastors. However, if they are unable to find a solution for moving to the city, we can conclude that it is not the direction in which the Lord is leading them or us at this time. Please pray that God will speak to us very clearly.

    As of now, the Harrises are still candidates, and the schedule for next weekend stands. Please check the churches’ web sites for any update.

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