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“Following Jesus and Loving People”


God keeps his promises! The pages of Genesis through Malachi (Old Testament) contain many specific prophesies predicting the coming of the Messiah. When the fullness of time came, Jesus Christ burst on the scene as a light shining in the darkness. As shepherds and wise men looked into the face of baby Jesus, they saw hope for the world being born again.  I enjoy celebrating Christmas, not just because of sentimental memories surrounding family and friends. Christmas does more than flood my memories, it fills me with hope for the future. We are promised of another appearance of Jesus, “This same Jesus, who has been taken from you into heaven, will come back in the same way…” (Acts 1:11). Before Jesus came the first time, John the Baptist preceded him as the “forerunner”, proclaiming to the world, “Get ready, the King is coming!” In a real sense, believers in Jesus today carry the same message of John the Baptist. Our proclamation does not end with, “Jesus came”, but that “he will come again…and soon”! Anyone with a knowledge of the Bible and current events can see the amazing alignment of the prophesies. God kept his promise before. Jesus came. God will keep his promise again. Jesus will return. Our daily responsibility is similar to that of John. Jesus said of him, “John was a lamp that burned and gave light” (John 5:35). We simply love and follow Jesus as lights. While the world burns for various causes and passions, may we be counted among the unashamed who “burn” for the Gospel of Jesus. So, the story of Jesus is not merely a past chapter of history. The Lord Jesus is alive right now, and is about to write the last chapter.

Are you ready?

Pastor Mark Boucher


THURSDAY, 7PM, Christmas Bag Packing Party at Highway Tabernacle.

FRIDAY, 3-8PM, SGA Open House at Resurrection Life Church.

FRIDAY, 6-9PM, SGA “Christmas Around the World” Service (for both churches) at Resurrection Life Church.  

SUNDAY, DEC 20, 8:30AM, All-Church Christmas Breakfast and Christmas Bag Giveaway at Highway Tabernacle.

SUNDAY, DEC 20, 6PM, Christmas Caroling & Cookies at Highway Tabernacle.


This Week...

Þ You are invited to our Spring Garden Academy “Christmas Around the World” Service this Friday from 6-9PM at Resurrection Life Church. There will be food, hot chocolate, and wonderful performances by the Spring Garden Academy students. 

We will also have our very own Christmas Village full of crafts and gifts to purchase! If you are interested in vending, please call 215-226-1000 or email Cambriae at cbates@springgardenacademy.org.

Þ Join us for a day of Christmas Fellowship at Highway Tabernacle this coming Sunday, December 20th. There will be an All-Church Christmas Breakfast and Christmas Bag Giveaway, starting at 8:30AM. Christmas Caroling & Cookies will begin at 6PM that same evening and will include the Christmas Ornament Challenge. Be sure to bring in a Christmas ornament that represents you and give (secretly) to Becky or Maria R. before the event.


To stay current with all upcoming events (especially in the holiday season), please visit our website —www.highwaytabernacle.org/CALENDAR.htm.




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Weekly Schedules

Highway Tabernacle: Morning Prayer @ 9AM; Sunday Worship @ 10AM; Resurrection Life: Sunday Worship @ 12Noon



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