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Monday, May 11, 2015

“Following Jesus and Loving People”


A lot of us still don’t get it. We think, “If I just have more money…then I can get the things I really want, and be happy.” However, the accumulation of stuff never fills our heart or satisfies our longing for meaning. I heard someone say this past week, “The older I get the more I realize my purpose in life is not in getting more things, but in serving and influencing others.” As we celebrate Mother’s Day, I realize that most Moms have a certain “instinct” about giving and serving. I will never forget a “snapshot” moment when I was around seven. I grew up with two brothers and food just seemed to disintegrate in the presence of three growing boys! Mom and I were in the kitchen together one afternoon and I opened the refrigerator door. One piece of yesterday’s dessert of apple pie was still on the lower shelf. I asked Mom if she had any of the pie yet and she said no, but insisted that I have the last piece. In my self-centered seven year old world this simple act left an impression on me. Mom would have enjoyed the pie, but she would rather have me enjoy it…even though I already had some. I am so grateful for a Mother who loved and followed Jesus. She knew the One who said, “For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45). By all that he did, Jesus inspires us to die to our tendency to live for ourselves and to live a “higher life”…willingly loving and serving others. Even if you did not grow up with a godly mother, you can choose to be grateful. Jesus came to serve and you can make a lasting impact on the people around you by loving Jesus and giving of yourself. That is the real “stuff” of life!

Pastor Mark Boucher

THURSDAY, 6-8:15PM, FAMILY NIGHT @ Highway Tabernacle.  Call 215-563-9192 for more information.

FRIDAY, 6-9PM, FAMILY NIGHT @ Resurrection Life.  Call 215-226-1000 for more information.

SATURDAY, May 16th, KIDS FUN ARTS 8-2PM @ Resurrection Life Church.  If you can volunteer, please contact office at 215-226-1000.

SUNDAY, May 17th, Submerge Worship Night 6PM @ Highway Tabernacle.

Scholarship Reception


The Spring Garden Academy Scholarship Organization is investing in our children by providing scholarships for low-income, K-12 students to attend high-performing, quality, Christian schools in Philadelphia.


We invite you and your colleagues and family to a reception to learn more about how you (or your employer) can grow our scholarship fund through the PA state tax credit program. Some individuals may be able to give a donation that costs them very little of the actual value to the family receiving the scholarship.  For example:  Through the tax credit program, a $500 investment can yield close to $5000 for our fund.


We will also discuss how individuals can give directly to the fund.


Receptions will be held Friday, May 15th and Friday, May 22nd. Inbox us or call 215-226-1000 for an invitation or information.




Christian Family Needed

Next Generation Ministries is searching for a mature Christian family, preferably a family who has raised or is raising children, to provide housing and guidance to a young person in the last years of high school.  If you know a family who may be able to meet this need, please contact Candace Wegner at 215-226-1000 or candace@nextgenministries.us.

















Give on-line: http://give.highwaytab.org

Highway Tabernacle, Resurrection Life, SGA, and NextGen


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