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Tuesday, March 24, 2015

"Following Jesus and Loving People"



I hate getting lost. As a kid, I wandered a few times into unfamiliar woods and got lost. As an adult, my "lost" moments are usually when I don't bother to map out a trip and find myself driving aimlessly.  Being lost generates feelings of anxiety, frustration, and anger. The Bible describes people as sheep who have gone astray…lost to the shepherd and lost to the rest of the flock. One day Jesus traveled through a city called Jericho and spoke to a lost man named Zacchaeus.  Jesus found him in a tree of all places! Because he was short, he climbed a tree to catch a glimpse of Jesus going by.  Zacchaeus was ripe and ready to change! From this encounter with Jesus, he turned from his old life of cheating and corruption to following the Savior. After hearing  Zacchaeus' declaration of faith and willingness to repent of evil, Jesus proclaimed, "For the Son of Man came to seek and to save what was lost" (Luke 19:10). During our Missions Convention, I am challenging myself again to become just like Jesus. If Jesus sought the lost, I have to ask myself, "who are the people in my life right now I am seeking to bring to Jesus? Do I really care enough to press outside my circle of comfort in order to lead a lost 'sheep' to the Shepherd"?  This past Sunday night, the missionary reminded us that "we are the product of missions". Someone prayed for us and led us from our lost condition to the Great Shepherd. May Christ's love and compassion compel us to speak to the lost Zacchaeus's all around us. Who knows, we may discover them in a tree, at work, on our street, or even at home? Who is your Zaccaeus?

 Pastor Mark Boucher

THURSDAY, 6-8:15PM, FAMILY JAM (Jesus and Me) NIGHT @ Highway Tabernacle.  Call 215-563-9192 to share your talent or for more information.

FRIDAY, 6-9PM, FAMILY JAM (Jesus and Me) NIGHT @ Resurrection Life.  Call 215-226-1000 to share your talent or for more information.

Good Friday Service 7PM @ Resurrection Life Church.


SAVE THE DATE:  Saturday, April 11 from 3-5PM–-FAMILY FUN DAY at RLC

Save the afternoon as we kick off our season of outdoor ministry to the community: games, food, music, and more! Let Candace Wegner or Nicole Boucher know soon if you would like to volunteer (from 1-6PM) by calling 215-226-1000.  We are happy to have other churches, including Lighthouse Assembly, committed to helping us launch our Spring/Summer ministry to the community.


Resurrection Life Church/ Highway Tabernacle will be participating in the PennDel District Assemblies of God Kids' Fun Arts Day on Saturday, May 16th, at 17th and Tioga.  This event is open to children in the first-sixth grades.  Please contact Lauren Morgan (lmorgan@springgardenacademy.org or 215-563-9192)  or Candace Wegner (candace@springgardenacademy.org or 215-226-1000) to participate. The registration deadline is approaching soon.


Since we are hosting, we will need our church family to greet guests, serve food, volunteer as judges, and encourage the talented children!  We are looking forward to seeing not only our own church and Spring Garden Academy kids but also kids from other churches across our city.  



K-12th Grade Scholarships

This is the time of year many organizations award scholarships for private school students. Spring Garden Academy is committed to working with families to help them access these opportunities and learn more about the possibilities.  But time is running out!  If you know a family who may need funds for K-12th grades, please contact Amy dela Cruz at adelacruz@springgardenacademy.org or 215-563-9192.  We're here to help.

We are also experiencing growth at Spring Garden Academy's Elementary School (K-8th).  Please pray that God will send the families he desires for the school.  Pray that the children he sends will embrace their call to become leaders in this city.  Pray that we will help families find the funding that they need to make this hope a reality.  God has blessed tremendously this year – even opening up doors for complete funding for some families.  Let's keep praying!  He is good.


Car Needed

Becky Robbins, Next Generation Ministries (NGM) Missionary Associate, is in need of a car for ministry in the city. If you have an affordable car or a car to donate to NGM, please contact Becky at becky@nextgenministries.us or 215-563-9192. You can receive a tax credit if you are donating to the ministry.



Message for Business Owners

(and those who know them)

Do you know about the state tax credit program? Did you know that you, the business owner, can give money to a scholarship organization AND save money for your business? This credit works for small business owners and even those in small private practice. The scholarship money makes it possible for Philadelphia children to attend Christian and private schools. It's a win-win for you, the business owner, and our community!

To learn more, please attend an upcoming brunch meeting sponsored by Spring Garden Academy. Contact Amy dela Cruz at adelacruz@springgardenacademy.org

or 215-563-9192 for dates and details. We will even come to you and your business to tell you more.





Love In Action

Compassion Ministries

We are working with Trinity Assembly in West Chester to increase our weekly food distribution and family dinners

at both churches and our monthly clothing distribution.

It's time to form a team on our end to help with this critical need in our community. Please contact Mandi Spears

to join the team. Please call 215-226-1000 or e-mail info@SpringGardenAcademy.org.

Here are some specific events individuals can join:

Weekly Food Distribution – Thursday

Weekly Food Distribution – Friday

Driver to pick up food in Westchester


(one evening or day between Mon-Thurs)

Weekly Dinner Preparation – Thursday

Weekly Dinner Preparation – Friday

Monthly Clothing Distribution – Friday

Homeless Outreach in Center City—

first Tuesday and third Wednesday of each month




Bus Team

We have many opportunities to travel with our children, youth, and church members each week but need qualified bus drivers. Please see Amy dela Cruz to find out what it will take to join the team. If 5-6 drivers can each volunteer once a month, we can meet the need. Thanks to Zach Webster and Pastor Mark for already joining and ministering by driving.








Give on-line: http://give.highwaytab.org

Highway Tabernacle, Resurrection Life, SGA, and NextGen


Weekly Schedules

Highway Tabernacle: Morning Prayer @ 9AM; Sunday Worship @ 10AM; Resurrection Life: Sunday Worship @ 12Noon



If you are having trouble viewing the E-Bulletin or wish to be removed from the mailing list, please send an email to: Office@HighwayTabernacle.org







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