When you live in Philadelphia, you learn quickly about the abundance of rules, regulations, as well as the sprawling maze of bureaucracy. Learning to navigate and stay on top of things can seem daunting at times. Because these issues are not considered “spiritual” we sometimes wonder what God has to do with them. We may think, “Will God help me with this”? or, “Does God even care about this”? While reading the Book of Numbers, I read about God giving regulations to Moses about the promised land. They had not entered yet, but God gave Moses many details about dividing the land among the tribes of Israel. In the midst of these laws and regulations, we read an interesting story about five sisters who approached Moses one day with some questions about their future inheritance (Numbers 27:1-11). Their father (Zelophedad) had died in the desert, and he had no sons (who, by rights, would inherit the land). The sisters were concerned they would be forgotten in the process of the land distribution because there was no male descendant.  It didn’t seem right.  So, they presented the situation to Moses, who then sought God for direction. God’s answer to Moses was, “What Zelophehad’s daughters are saying is right. You must certainly give them property as an inheritance among their father’s relatives…” (Num. 27:7). The story ends well. The sisters are honored by God and treated right by the officials. This story may not seem to mean a lot to the average believer today, however, we learn valuable truth here about the character of God. He wants us to realize that he is concerned, not just with the spiritual, but also with our temporal circumstances. While the unseen and eternal takes precedence, the Lord knows where we live and works out circumstances for the good of his children. Because of his grace, our heavenly Father helps us navigate the many regulations and laws which surround us, and blesses us by providing what we need for life and godliness. Sometimes life seems complicated and even unfair, but the Lord will take care of you!

Pastor Mark

WEDNESDAY, 7:00 PM, LOVE IN ACTION OUTREACH will take place at CafĂ© Cret on Franklin Parkway.  God is giving us answers to prayer and fruitfulness. The power is God’s, the step is ours.

THURSDAY, 6:45-8:15PM, FAMILY NIGHT @ Highway Tabernacle.  Call 215-563-9192 for more information.

FRIDAY, 6--9PM, FAMILY NIGHT @ Resurrection Life.  Call 215-226-1000 for more information.



If you know someone outside the church qualified to work on Thursday and Friday nights in the church nursery (ages 0-3), please contact Candace Wegner 215-226-1000 or candace @nextgenministries.us. Hours are 6-8:30 at Highway on Thursday and 6-9:30 pm Friday.  Flat fee will be paid depending on experience and qualifications. Clearances and physical required.   Must be over 18 years.

Becky Robbins, Next Generation Ministries (NGM) Missionary Associate, is in need of a car for ministry in the city.  If you have an affordable car or a car to donate to NGM, please contact Becky at becky@nextgenministries.us or 215-563-9192.  You can receive a tax credit if you are donating to the ministry.

Ladies, you are invited to attend this year’s Women of Purpose Spring Event!
Saturday, March 21st, 10:00am at Philadelphia Christian Center, Bensalem
Speaker: Susan Lanza
Cost: $25 (includes lunch)
Please contact Becky Robbins if you would like to come: becky@nextgenministries.us or 215-563-9192.

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