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Wednesday, January 22, 2015

“Following Jesus and Loving People”


SUNDAY, Resurrection Life Church will not have a 12noon service.  We will have a joint service for Resurrection Life and Highway Tabernacle, 10:30am at Highway Tabernacle followed by an all-church lunch and business meeting. Please be sure to attend this service!

12:30PM, Highway Tabernacle's Annual  business/vision casting meeting will be held.  After the  morning service (with a special message God already put on Pastor Mark’s heart), we will join  together for lunch in the fellowship hall. All are welcome!

After the lunch, we will begin our annual meeting back in the sanctuary.




Youth, grades 6th-12th, should sign up now to participate in the Teen Fine Arts completion. There are many ways to participate (vocals, instrumental, dance, human video, writing, video, visual arts,  drama, and more).   Call 215-226-1000 or email ffulks@springgardenacademy.org to  participate. Registration paperwork is due soon.



Spring Garden Academy celebrates



This is the time of year that we let families in our community know about affordable and accessible private Christian school options, particularly at Spring Garden Academy.  We take time to walk families through actual SCHOLARSHIP applications (which are due soon!).  Feel free to invite friends and families to ONE of these events. 


PARENT BREAKFAST, 8-9 am, Tuesday, January 27, 18th and Spring Garden  RSVP 215-563-9192 or adelacruz@springgardenacademy.org


PARENT BREAKFAST, 8-9 am, Wednesday, January 28, 17th and Tioga (Elementary School location) followed by an all-day OPEN HOUSE. TOUR the building, MEET the teachers, TALK to other parents.   RSVP 215-226-1000 or nboucher@springgardenacademy.org


PARENT MEETING, 6-7 pm, Thursday, January 29, 18th and Spring Garden  RSVP 215-563-9192 or adelacruz@springgardenacademy.org


OPEN HOUSE (all day), Friday, January 30th, 17th and Tioga (Elementary School location) --  TOUR the building, MEET the teachers, TALK to other parents--  followed by PARENT DINNER  (6-7 pm during Family Night).    RSVP 215-226-1000 or nboucher@springgardenacademy.org.











Although Next Generation Ministries (NGM) submitted an offer to the Russian Brotherhood Organization (RBO), RBO has decided to sell their building to another buyer.  They have not yet settled but have asked us to vacate the Carriage House apartments by March 1st when our lease ends. While this is discouraging news on the surface, the NGM board and leadership team believe that we should continue to pray that God will open the door to the RBO building or another property for NGM’s expansion and growth.  We are committed to the vision God has given us and the new ministries (young adult residential program, family counseling services, urban Bible school training, and more) he has put on our hearts.  A building is just the tool to help us better prepare our children and youth to be godly leaders in their homes, our church, our city, and the mission field of this world.  God will provide what we need at just the right time if we remain in Him and have confidence in his plan.  We know we cannot do this in our own power or timing.  The dreams he has given us are so big that only He can make them happen!  So please keep praying with expecation us about RBO and other opportunities.


But this news has practical implications too as we have rented the Carriage House from RBO for over 13 years.  If you know of a good apartment or sublet opportunity for Becky Robbins, please contact her directly at brobbins@springgardenacademy.org or 215-563-9192.  Please pray that the Lord provides for her need at this time.  Becky is a vital member of the NGM team and our churches.


We will also be working to clear out the Carriage House garage during the month of February.  If you can help, please let Bob Monreal (bmonreal@springgardenacademy.org) or Amy dela Cruz (adelacruz@springgardenacademy.org) know your availability.  You may also call the school office at 215-226-1000 or 215-563-9192.


















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Weekly Schedules

Highway Tabernacle: Morning Prayer @ 9AM; Sunday Worship @ 10AM; Resurrection Life: Sunday Worship @ 12Noon



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